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September storm of new features

New features to make your ideation workflow even more productive

New features to make your ideation workflow even more productive                

We have been silent for a while, but that's because we were working on many new things in parallel. So now brace yourselves for a set of great new features that will empower your research & creative process in an unparalleled way!

Here is what you can now do in ContextMinds:

  • Keyword search volume is now visible directly on the keyword in the map - so you can see it also in PDF export.
  • You can sort related keywords by search volume or ranking difficulty                                          .                    
  • Drag & drop notes or research results directly to the map. That's my favorite new feature that gives you much more ease and flexibility. Any web or other result can be made visible on the canvas, so you can now, for example, easily map competitors' websites.
  • See all notes pinned to all the keywords in one list and add general notes to your map. You no longer have to click through all the concepts to browse your notes!
  • You can paste up to 10 000 characters (about 2000 words) into a single note - we have removed the former restrictive limit.
  • Apart from copy&pasting, you can now bulk-import keywords from a CSV                         .                    
  • Speaking about imports, also export is improved.                    
  • Text export now outputs HTML: much easier to copy and paste into Word or Google doc.                    
  • For easier sharing, maps can be embedded as iframes into HTML. So you can import them dynamically into other websites or systems like Notion.
  • If you want more white-labeling, we can set up a custom subdomain for you, e.g., Send your request to, and we'll set it up for you.

Your feedback and suggestions were the main drivers of all the changes, and we are working hard to implement more. So please keep the feedback coming!

The best way to learn more & give feedback is to attend one of our webinars or book a 1:1 call with me.

Check out this example map of ContextMinds topics embedded as an interactive iframe:

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Marek Dudas - CEO at Contextminds
Marek Dudas
CEO at Contextminds

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