Organize your company's knowledge

We will help you build a knowledge graph of everything in your company. In a few clicks, you will then be able to create concept maps tailored for employee training, presentations, planning and brainstorming. All in the specific context of your company.

Integrate all information into one knowledge graph

Create diagrams about each project, product, person, process, customer, system, tool, database or anything else that is important in your company. Describe it from different point of views.

ContextMinds will merge all the diagrams to allow you quickly visualize an overview or a detailed view including all the information in one place.

Present everything
in context

The key to a successful presentation is to include all the information neccessary for the audience to understand it. ContextMinds will help you by suggesting the concepts (i.e., products, features, projects, persons etc.) relevant in the context of your presentation. You then just select those that are important for the audience.

Think and plan
in the context
of your company

Give your thoughts structure by creating a concept map or mind map. In ContextMinds, you can do it fast by just selecting the concepts from the knowledge graph of your company.

Sounds like a tool for enterprise architecture? Yes, it is!

Brainstorm without loosing the context

Brainstorm by building mind maps out of concepts selected from your company's knowledge graph. ContextMinds will keep offering you concepts from the current context and act as another brainstorming participant.

Sounds like a lot of extra work?
Let us help you!

We will transform your documents and interview your key employees to build the knowledge graph for you. While keeping the highest confidentiality of course.

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