Teach better and improve students' results

Use ContextMinds in education to explicitly show the relationships between the concepts you teach, organize the course topics and test the students. Thanks to automatic concept and relationship suggestions, you can quickly create a concept map showing an overview of the whole chapter on one page.

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Teach meaningfully

By presenting the information to students as a concept map, you allow them to learn meaningfully.

That means the students integrate the new concepts with those they already know instead of memorizing disconnected facts.

Students connect the new concepts with relationships to known concepts because they can explicitly see them in the concept map.

Engage students
into the lecture

You can start the lecture with a half-empty map and add new concepts as you explain them throughout the lecture.

Or even better, you can ask students to propose what concepts to add and how to link them with relationships.

Test students

Create blind maps and ask students to complete them on their own.


Use concept maps to design the course, organize and order the topics and subtopics.​


Create an overview of all courses and see how they are interconnected and where the topics overlap.


Adapt the lectures in different courses to allow students to interconnect the overlapping knowledge.

Promote creativity
to mitigate ADHD

Keep students' attention by engaging them into concept mapping.

Let us teach you how to teach with concept maps

We know it's not easy to start using concept maps. We want to help you with that. We offer tutorials, free webinars, a concept mapping guide and instructional videos.
If you pre-order ContextMinds Premium, you will get an all-in-one solution for concept mapping in education: an on-line training course, a starter pack of concept maps and user support for the free version of the software.

We can also create concept maps for you. Send us a sample of your lecture notes or materials and we will show you how it looks as a concept map.




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