Learn better and improve your results

Use ContextMinds to easily create concept maps that help you think about the meaning and relationships between the terms you learn.

You will learn faster and remember the information longer.

A concept map can show you an overview of the whole chapter on one page and help you revise.

Learn meaningfully

Discover the relationships between every concept you learn.

Connect every new concept with those you already know.

Then you will truly understand what you learn instead of memorizing facts.

Study with concept maps

Concept map all your notes and get a clear picture of what you need to learn. You will find that once the concept map is finished, you have actually learned everything in it.

Create presentations

One concept map is worth ten slides.

Organize paper structure

Need to think about the structure of a paper you have to write? Try creating a concept map first.

"Sounds like too much work!"

Concept mapping is all about finding the relevant concepts and putting them in context.

ContextMinds will help you with both. It will suggest you the right concepts and can even add the relationships for you.

Let us teach you how to study with concept maps

We know it's not easy to start using concept maps. We want to help you with that. Attend our tutorial and get all the information and skills you need. Both the tutorial and ContextMinds are there for you for free. Why? Because we want a better world where people actually learn, not just memorize and forget.

We can also create concept maps for you. Send us a sample of your lecture notes
or materials and we will show you how it looks as a concept map.




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