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The whiteboard for collaboration between you and AI: a unified platform for exploring, organizing, generating & presenting ideas

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Time saved on topic research

By streamlining your research process and removing writer’s block


of Users Consolidate Tools

70% of users replaced 2+ tools into one.


Total users Mindmapping

14K+ users are mapping their thoughts into more creative content ideas.


Content Ideas mapped

27K+ creative ideas have already been mapped in Contextminds.

How it works

Mind map your content ideas with AI helping you at every step.

Contextminds simplifies the entire process, from ideation to content creation and everything in the middle, making it effortless for both individuals and teams to structure their content ideas.

Complete your Topic Clusters

Contextminds automatically suggests
• Relevant keywords
• Topics for your content map
Achieving topic authority will be a piece of cake!

Product Feature of Contextminds

All-in-one Content Ideation & Generation

Using ChatGPT integration with Contextminds you can
• Generate ideas
• Create content for blog posts, Email
• Create copy for social media and landing pages and much more.

Product Feature of Contextminds

Develop the Right Content Structure with AI Whiteboard

Need your personal AI assistant? Contextminds will help you in
• Mind mapping your content ideas
• Finding the right keywords
• Organizing the topics on your personal whiteboard

Product Feature of Contextminds

Fight Information Overload and AI Hallucinations

With the help of tailored web resources which can
• Fact check for you
• Do the research and save 70-80% of your time

Product Feature of Contextminds

ContextMinds is a powerful tool that has revolutionized the way I research and create content. Its AI-powered keyword suggestion feature offers relevant and related keywords to help me focus my research”

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VP, Sales and marketing
Ideate, Create & Share

Tap into a central hub for
Content creation

ContextMinds is a central hub for content creation. It allows you to research, brainstorm, plan, and visualize your content ideas all in one place.

G2 and Trustpilot badges

We create with SEO in mind, merging research and idea for products, campaigns, courses. Collaborative teamwork on a shared platform has reduced our timeline by 30-40%.

Testimonial User of Contextminds
Sienna Hewitt
Project Manager, Layers

Stop hopping across platforms and
start doing it all at one place

Researching content ideas has never been this efficient. Leverage the power of AI combined with the most relevant keywords to generate SEO-friendly content ideas.

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