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Case Study: Using ContextMinds for Planning and Blogging

How ContextMinds Helps Jowanna at Any Stage of Her Game

How ContextMinds Helps Jowanna at Any Stage of Her Game                


Jowanna is an entrepreneur and business and life coach from Georgia, United States who writes blogs on helping other small businesses.

Jowanna needed a visual tool that would assist her with web design for her agency and to keep herself organized and to initiate ideation for writing her blogs.

So that Jowanna can manage many brands, she uses ContextMinds to brainstorm and outline various topics such as life coach certifications and business coaching.        

ContextMinds has become her new assistant especially since she runs a white label digital agency and needs a lot of help. Before Jowanna’s true passion to supporting other businesses, she was a part of Corporate America where she started independent work as Scrum Master, Marketing Project Manager, and Film and Television Project Manager. Following that, Jowanna decided to take the path of helping others in business.

While looking for various tools and searching for ways to create a hub for small businesses to have other ways to get things, Jowanna discovered ContextMinds which she found extremely useful, it being a keyword research and visual organizer tool combining multiple tools in one place. Jowanna loves ContextMinds because it helps her with content ideation, shows keyword metrics and ranking difficulty, and helps organaize her notes.

Jowanna uses a few other tools such as Web Auditor and Content Pace in conjunction with ContextMinds. She does not use them right away because she says you can fall down the rabbit hole of filling in too many keywords.  ContextMinds helps her get started and completes her workflow.                

Since Jowanna is in the start-up business phase, she feels that ContextMinds helps her with doing the work. Jowanna has found an assistant she can rely on.  The body content of your post goes here. To edit this text, click on it and delete this default text and start typing your own or paste your own from a different source.                


Bonus info: I used ContextMinds to write this case study. I created an outline in ContextMinds and then helped myself with ChatGPT integration to draft an article based on my outline. Check out the


Book a demo call with me to find out how ContextMinds can help you!                

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Marek Dudas - CEO at Contextminds
Marek Dudas
CEO at Contextminds

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