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Case Study: Using ContextMinds for Topic Research

How Johnadeen Reduced His Topic Research Time by 80% Using ContextMinds

How Johnadeen Reduced His Topic Research Time by 80% Using ContextMinds


Johnadeen is a professional blogger from Canada who specializes in writing about various topics ranging from technology to lifestyle trends. He has been in the industry for years and understands the importance of research and idea formulation for quality content. This is why he has adopted ContextMinds as his go-to tool for topic research and idea formulation.

ContextMinds has revolutionized the way Johnadeen goes about his work. Before discovering this tool, he would spend hours scouring the internet for relevant articles and sources to back up his arguments. However, with ContextMinds, he can do 1.5 hours worth of topic research in just 20 minutes. The efficiency of this tool has made his work process seamless.     

Johnadeen's work process using ContextMinds is simple yet effective.

  1. He gathers relevant web articles and notes in ContextMinds using the automatic suggestion feature.
  3. The tool suggests a range of sources and articles related to the topic being researched, saving Johnadeen valuable time.
  5. Once he has collected all the relevant sources, Johnadeen exports the notes to text where he can begin synthesizing the information.
  7. To further streamline his process, Johnadeen displays the nodes side-by-side with where he crafts his content.
  9. This allows him to visualize the information he has collected and helps him structure his arguments better. The combination of ContextMinds and has created a highly efficient workflow for Johnadeen.

Overall, ContextMinds has made a significant impact on Johnadeen's work. He regards it as one of the best tools he has ever used. The tool has increased his output, allowing him to write high-quality articles in a shorter amount of time. ContextMinds has been a game-changer for Johnadeen, and he plans to continue using it for all his future projects.                

Bonus info                  

I used ContextMinds to write this case study. I created an outline in ContextMinds and then used its integration with ChatGPT to draft the text and suggest a title. Check out the map I created for that .                

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Marek Dudas - CEO at Contextminds
Marek Dudas
CEO at Contextminds

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