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Now with keyword suggestions to outline SEO-optimized content

Update is here: four times more topic suggestions and more flexible ways to organize them

Update is here: four times more topic suggestions and more flexible ways to organize them

The most significant update in ContextMinds' history is here. What's new?                  

• a ton of new features became available

• to exploit their full potential, you will need a paid subscription plan

Our goal: provide more inspiration & make topic research easy                

We want to provide you with all the resources you need to brainstorm, research and outline original content. This is why ContextMinds will now include related keywords and questions from search engines together with the topic suggestions. In addition to mind mapping, it will enable organizing topics into lists and outlines. Furthermore, you won't have to leave ContextMinds to search the web; it will always be just one click away, powered by Bing. And finally, to further empower your inspiration, the state-of-the-art OpenAI will generate pieces of text for you!                

So what you can now do in ContextMinds?                

1. Related keyword & question suggestions                

2. Related articles from web & text suggestions from AI                

3. Organizing topics into lists and outlines                

Basic map drawing stays the same.                  

Don't worry, all the features you were used to are still there and will remain free, although with some limits. However, if you use ContextMinds for simple mind and concept mapping, you probably won't even notice the change.

With one exception: organizing concepts into lists

You should definitely check out a prominent new feature giving much more freedom to all users: organizing concepts into hierarchical lists. Just drag one idea over another to put it into a list inside it. You can also draw links between lists or concepts inside the lists. Or, if you like the style of Trello, create several lists next to each other, like the Trello columns.

New limits for the free version

So what remains free, and when will you need a subscription?

Number of related concepts

You will still see 30 related concepts for free, updated every time you change items in your map. Free users will also see a few related keywords and questions in the English version. However, users who subscribe to ContextMinds Pro will see 100 related topics and hundreds of related keywords.

Number of private maps

If you want to keep your maps confidential, you will probably need the Pro subscription. Free users will be limited to storing up to 5 private maps. But if you create maps for education or other domain where privacy is not a concern, you can still store as many public maps as you like.

New features: keywords, web search, AI-generated text

You will be able to explore several tens of related keywords, questions, and web searches per day for free. ContextMinds will even generate up to 10 paragraphs of text daily.                

If you subscribe to ContextMinds Pro, all of this will be unlimited for you.

How much will it cost?

Even though ContextMinds Pro will generate so much more value for you, it will be available for only $19 per month or just $9 if you subscribe for a year. Compare this with the cost of a keyword research tool, mind mapping tool, and AI text generation combined. You will see that we are still giving ContextMinds away practically for free!

Free trial !              

Of course, to see how much value ContextMinds will provide, you can try the Pro version for free for one week.                

Edu workspace users get free coupons to activate the Pro subscription.                

Are you an educational institution and already have the Workspace subscription, or do you decide to buy one now? You will get coupons so that your students and teachers can activate ContextMinds Pro for free. Just ping us at and say how many you need.                      

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Marek Dudas - CEO at Contextminds
Marek Dudas
CEO at Contextminds

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