Right tool for your writing style

Which are the right tools for your writing style?

Discover your writing style and preferences to choose the right combination of tools, whether you prioritize quality or quantity, have an organized or chaotic mind, are a visual thinker or prefer written formats, and whether you're a plotter or a pantser. Explore further in workshops and an e-book for tailored guidance.

The Successful Content Writer's Toolbox

There are hundreds of them. Tools for keyword research, for finding trending topics, trading articles, for brainstorming ideas, for taking notes, for creating outlines, for checking grammar, for writing, for generating text automatically...

What kind of author you are?    

Before you jump into trying the tools one by one, you should ask yourself what kind of author you are and what challenges you face often. If you are not a visual thinker, mind maps might not be for you. If you are not so concerned with SEO, maybe you don't have to spend much time on keyword research.                

Quality or quantity                

Do you need to produce a lot of content, and you are not concerned about the quality? Or do you need to produce a great original article and have enough time to do it? Would you like to automate some parts of your writing process? If time is of the essence, maybe you should try some AI tools that help you produce text fast. On the other hand, if you are an experienced writer with enough time, perhaps it's better to focus on tools that help with outlining, editing, and proofreading.

Organized mind or chaotic thinker?  

Do you have a great memory and get everything organized in your mind with no effort? Or are ideas swirling around in your head, attention always jumping from one to another? If the latter is the case, outlining tools will be your best friend. If you are more focused and organized, maybe you will be able just to sit and start writing right away.       

Visual thinker or you need it all written?

Do visual tools like mind maps help you think? Or do you rather us plain old bullet point lists? If you like visual tools, wait when I introduce you to concept maps later. You will love them!  

Pantser or plotter?

Do you have a plan before starting to write? That means you are a plotter. Or do you just start typing and see where it takes you? People like you are called pantsers. Plotters should definitely focus on outlining tools, while pantsers may just skip them.

Good with words or not native speaker?    

Do you naturally make a great use of the English language? Or are there many words that you've never heard of and don't know how to use them in your articles? If you are good with words, the only thing you should focus on is spelling and grammar check. If your English needs some polishing up before it can be used in writing content, then the AI text generation tools might help you - their English is already perfect.  

Find out more in workshops and e-book

Interested in finding the right combination of writing tools and helpers for you?

Check out our e-book!  

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